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所在地 俄罗斯.png 俄罗斯
经理 Dmitry "CRAFT" Murko
Roman "Spirit" Soldatov
Dmitry "Pengo" Kosterin
Denis "PoDoX" Pestrecov
赞助商 Tornado Energy
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RoX is a Russian Dota 2 team. In 2013 they picked up their first Dota 2 squad which saw some success in minor tournaments, but the team chose to not renew the contract with the players in 2014 after not qualifying for TI4. The Dota 2 team was revived with some new and old player in 2016 as they picked up the members of Fantastic Five, participating in the qualifiers for the upcoming Shanghai Major.

Created in 2004, RoX is an old internationally top rated StarCraft: Brood War clan. The full team name in Russian is "Российское Общество Компьютерного Спорта" (РОКС), meaning "Russian Society of Cybersport". The initials become ROCS in latin alphabet, which gives the name RoX. Their lineup included some of the best Russian/Ukrainian players around such as DIMAGA, Brat_OK, Pomi, and A2. In Starcraft 2 however, their success has been limited primarily to Russian leagues, consistently earning 1st places finishes. RoX is supported by the main Russian community website, along with their main sponsor, Tornado Energy as well as Kaspersky, G2A and HyperPC. The team was previously known under their more famous RoX.KIS team tag ("KIS" being the acronym of their long time sponsor Kaspersky Internet Security). In 2015 the team dropped KIS acronym in favor of their new sponsor Tornado Energy, and now calls themselves Tornado RoX.

RoX also has a team for the following esports:

  • World of Tanks
  • League of Legends
  • Starcraft: Brood War
  • Starcraft 2
  • Quake Live
  • FIFA
  • Overwatch
  • Couter Strike: Global Offensive


  • February 13th - RoX announces that Scandal is leaving the team[6] and later Solo is announced to be replacing him.[7]
  • May 31st - RoX releases Dota 2 squad.[8]





文件:Rox tech2014.jpg
Sedoy, BzzIsPerfect, Goblak, Solo, yol @ TechLabsCup Moscow 2014
BzzStanislav Glushan12016-01-06[1]2016-03-26[5]Team icon fantastic five.png Fantastic Five
Максим Верников22016-02-04[2]2016-03-26[5]
Андрій Кадик32016-01-06[1]2016-03-05[4]Team icon fantastic five.png Fantastic Five
Владимир Басов42016-01-06[1]2016-03-26[5]Team icon fantastic five.png Fantastic Five
Арсений Усов52016-01-06[1]2016-02-11[3]link=文件:ProdotaGamingLogo std.png Prodota Gaming [[文件:ProdotaGamingLogo std.png Prodota Gaming]]
Вадим Мусорин22016-01-06[1]2016-02-04[2]Team icon rebels.png Rebels
BzzStanislav Glushan12013-01-21[9]2014-05-31[8]Team icon
Алексей Березин22014-02-13[7]2014-05-31[8]Team icon team empire.png Team Empire
Вадим Мусорин32013-09-04[21]2014-05-31[8]Team icon
Владимир Басов42013-01-21[9]2014-05-31[8]Team icon
Артур Костенко52013-10-25[23]2014-05-31[8]Team icon nvmi.png NVMI
Former Players
Роман Садотенков22013-11-23[25]2014-02-12[6]Team icon power rangers.png Power Rangers
Роман Фомінок22013-10-25[23]2013-11-13[24]Team icon team empire.png Team Empire
Игорь Лысаковский12013-09-04[23]2013-10-25[23]Teamlogo placeholder.png Relax
Алексей Березин42013-10-08[23]2013-10-25[23]Team icon
Максим Верников32013-06-24[17]2013-09-04[21]Teamlogo placeholder.png Oslik
Иван Скороход52013-03-27[14]2013-08-05[19]Team icon team empire.png Team Empire
Андрей Голубев32013-03-10[11]2013-07-17[18]Teamlogo placeholder.png Relax
Алексей Березин22013-03-20[13]2013-06-21[16]link=Suspended [[
SharfikArtem Marzavin22013-03-10[11]2013-03-20[12]Teamlogo placeholder.png Zrage
First Squad
BzzStanislav Glushan12013-01-21[9]-
STALIANERIlya Drugov22013-01-21[9]2013-03-06[10]Teamlogo placeholder.png 3dclan
Вадим Мусорин32013-01-21[9]2013-03-06[10]Teamlogo placeholder.png 3dclan
Владимир Басов42013-01-21[9]-
hardEEv-Gleb Ushenko52013-01-21[9]2013-03-27[14]


ID Name Position
Russia Bruce Igor Utkin Coach
Ukraine Craft Dmitry Murko Manager
Russia Spirit Roman Soldatov Manager
Russia Pengo Dmitry Kosterin Manager
Poland ArrOw Mateusz Obst (R.I.P) Manager
Russia PoDoX Denis Pestrecov Manager


  • 当前赛季积分:100
  • 历史总奖金: 52,458.12
  • 最高奖金: 17,000
 ProDotA Cup Europe #47-82016-03-230:1 Team icon pries.png 0
 Dota 2 Stars Arena32016-03-161:2 Team icon prodota gaming.png 0
 NVIDIA Dota 2 CIS Cup Series Grand Final #45-82016-03-110:1 Team icon enso.png 0
 Rumble Town3-42016-02-120:2 Team icon danish bears.png 0
 GameOn Invitational5-82016-02-080:2 Team icon danish bears.png 0
 BTS Europe #29-162016-02-070:2 Team icon danish bears.png 0
 ESL One Manila European Qualifier9-122016-02-050:2 Team icon ad finem.png
 Captains Draft 3.0 Qualifier42016-02-031:2 Team icon digital chaos.png
 ProDotA Cup Europe #222016-01-292:3 Team icon ad finem.png 1,000
D2l logo small.png HyperX D2L Western Challenge5-62014-06-21     Team icon natus vincere.png 1,852
D2cl logo small.png Dota 2 Champions League Season 35-62014-06-01     Team icon 0
 The International 2014: European Qualifiers32014-05-271:2 Team icon
 ESL One Frankfurt - EU Qualifiers5-62014-05-110:2 Team icon team empire.png
 Fragbite Masters 2014 Spring12014-04-263:1 Teamlogo placeholder.png 17,000
Starladderlogo small.png StarLadder StarSeries Season 97-82014-04-190:1 Team icon team empire.png 4,750
 joinDOTA League 2014 Season 1 Europe32014-04-131:2 Team icon cloud9.png 757.76
Techlabs logo small.png Techlabs Cup 2014 Season 132014-04-050:1 Team icon 3,000
 Electronic Sports Prime Shock Therapy Cup7-82014-01-310:1 Team icon team ehug.png 0
 CIS Carnage 20145-62014-01-230:2 Team icon power rangers.png 0
 Pinnacle Pro-Am22014-01-122:3 Team icon 3,400
 Bigpoint Battle #113-42013-12-220:1 Team icon team empire.png 0
 EIZO Cup #1012013-12-152:0 Team icon 1,717.76
 Netolic Pro League #4 West22013-12-120:3 Team icon 3,000
 Bigpoint Battle #103-42013-11-200:1 Teamlogo placeholder.png 0
 EIZO Cup #99-162013-11-100:1 Teamlogo placeholder.png 0
 EIZO Cup #85-82013-09-181:2 Teamlogo placeholder.png 0
Techlabs logo small.png Techlabs Cup 2013 Season 232013-08-310:1 Team icon power rangers.png 1,500
 EIZO Cup #69-162013-07-280:2 Teamlogo placeholder.png 0
 Bigpoint Battle #69-162013-07-210:1 Team icon 0
 Aegis Cup42013-07-170:1 Team icon quantic gaming.png
 Daedalus Cup42013-07-100:1 Team icon evil geniuses.png
 Mjollnir Cup5-82013-06-300:1 Team icon
 Bigpoint Battle #55-82013-06-230:1 Team icon lions pride.png 0
 Radiance Cup5-82013-06-230:1 Team icon
 Aghanim's Cup5-82013-06-090:1 Team icon alliance.png
 Reaver Cup5-82013-06-020:1 Team icon mousesports.png
 EMS One Summer Cup #29-162013-05-280:1 Teamlogo placeholder.png 0
 EIZO Cup #422013-05-260:2 Team icon iccup.png 646.6
 EMS One Summer Cup #112013-05-212:1 Teamlogo placeholder.png 600
 Demon Edge Cup5-82013-05-200:1 Team icon evil geniuses.png
 Curse Dota 2 Invitational32013-05-180:2 Team icon team dignitas.png 2,000
 The International 2013: Western Qualifiers32013-05-180:2 Team icon mousesports.png
 Bigpoint Battle #45-82013-05-120:2 Team icon dddota.png 0
 D2R Team League Season 122013-04-260:3 Team icon iccup.png 460
 RaidCall EMS One Spring Season22013-04-211:2 Team icon natus vincere.png 7,000
 joinDOTA Masters XIII3-42013-04-160:1 Team icon natus vincere.png 0
 Play4Dota 2013 #612013-04-072:1 Team icon kaipi.png 646
 Ritmix Russian Dota 2 League7-82013-03-311:2 Team icon mousesports.png 0
 EIZO Cup #29-162013-03-281:2 Team icon iccup.png 0
 Play4Dota 2013 #522013-03-170:2 Team icon 0
 Bigpoint Battle #25-82013-03-150:2 Team icon 0
 EMS One Spring Cup #43-42013-03-120:1 Team icon no tidehunter.png 100
 Play4Dota 2013 #49-162013-03-030:1 Teamlogo placeholder.png 0
 EMS One Spring Cup #39-162013-02-260:1 Team icon natus vincere.png 0
 Bigpoint Battle #15-82013-02-240:2 Team icon mousesports.png 0
 EMS One Spring Cup #29-162013-02-190:1 Team icon kaipi.png 0
 EMS One Spring Cup #117-242013-02-120:1 Teamlogo placeholder.png 0
 Play4Dota 2013 #29-152013-02-020:1 Teamlogo placeholder.png 0
 Play4Dota 2013 #15-82013-01-200:1 Teamlogo placeholder.png 0
 Play4Dota 2012 #1812012-12-302:1 Team icon we haz asian.png 528
 Play4Dota 2012 #153-42012-11-180:1 Teamlogo placeholder.png 0




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