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所在地 菲律宾.png 菲律宾
经理 Marvin "Nattefrost" Lu
赞助商 Mineski Infinity
Gigabyte Technology
Steelseries Philippines
Viewsonic Philippines
创建日期 2004
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  • January 3rd - Mineski-X is formed and participates in the Shanghai Major Open SEA qualifiers, which they win.[1]
  • March 27th - Mineski announces their roster for the 2016 Manila Major.[2]
  • April 25th - Just days before the Manila Major invites are announced, Mineski announces that their former substitute and coach, Cast is now on the main roster as a support, replacing JessieVash who got demoted to substitute. This will not affect Mineski's invite to the Manila Major Main Qualifiers for SEA however, because Cast was registered as a substitute previously.
  • July 13th - Ninjaboogie joins from Rave.[3]
  • July 19th - Ninjaboogie is moved from sub to support, while Cast and Benhur are benched.[4]
  • August 19th - Cast, Bok and Benhur leave the team during post TI6 shuffle.[5]
  • August 25th - Meracle and RR join the team.[6]
  • September 8th - Mineski.Sports5 become Mineski.GGNetwork for 2016-2017 season.[7]

  • October 15th - Jacko and Paseo admit to matchfixing, and are removed from the team.[11]
  • October 16th - Jhoven comes forward as well, and resigns from the team.[12]
  • October 23rd - Johnny & Ah-Fu to substitute for Mineski-Dota to enable them to fufil commitments for several LAN events.[13]
  • November 4th - JessieVash and PlayHard out of Mineski-DOTA![14]
  • November 7th - The "Prodigal Son" of Mineski returns, Jay is back![15]
  • November 7th - RR Reunites with Owa & Bimbo to complete Mski-Dota2[16]
  • November 26th - Mineski Announced that ah fu will be playing for them due to yaj running away from their bootcamp 1 day before the Ultimate Wildcard of MPGL Season 6

  • After The International 2011, Mineski Infinity changed its name to Mineski HyperX (exact date unknown).






Benhur LawisSub2016-03-27[2]2016-08-19[5]
Jun Kanehara32016-03-272016-03-272016-08-19[5]
Mark PilarSub2016-01-18[17]2016-08-19[5]Team icon tnc gaming.png TNC Gaming
Carlo Palad12015-03-05[8]2016-03-27[2]Team icon tnc gaming.png TNC Gaming
Ryo Hasegawa32015-08-28[18]2016-??-??Team icon rave.png Rave
Patrick PascuaSub2015-08-28[10]2015-??-??Team icon power gaming.png Power gaming
Jose Ramolete42015-04-102015-08-28[10]
Joshua Dela Serna62014-10-232015-08-28[10]
Ralph Richard Peñano72014-11-07[16]2015-06-11[9]Team icon rave.png Rave
YamaguchiAaron Cuartero32015-01-042015-03-05[8]
PoloMarc Fausto12015-01-042015-03-05[8]Teamlogo placeholder.png Click 'N Search
李哲尼12014-10-23[13]2015-01-04Team icon ehome.my.png EHOME.my
Tue Soon Chuan32014-11-26[19]2015-01-04Team icon warriorsgaming.unity.png WarriorsGaming.Unity
Jessie Cristy Cuyco42014-11-04[14]Teamlogo placeholder.png Mineski (Coach)
Prieme Ejay Banquil52014-08-14[20]2014-11-04[14]Team icon arcanys gaming.png Arcanys gaming
Jhoven Pancho22014-10-16[12]
Jacko Soriano12014-08-14[20]2014-10-15[11]Team icon mineski-x.png Mineski-x
PaseoRichard Minowa62014-03-14[21]2014-10-15[11]
Ryan Jay Qui1Team icon execration.png Execration
Jose Ramolete52013-10-022014-06-10[22]Teamlogo placeholder.png Inactive
Jayjay Garan32014-11-26Team icon execration.png Execration
Julius De Leon1/22013-10-02Team icon execration.png Execration
Jhoven Pancho1/2/3Team icon execration.png Execration
Ralph Richard Peñano1/2/32013-05-29[23]2013-07-??Team icon execration.png Execration
Marc Parasadas1/2/3Teamlogo placeholder.png Duskbin
WootzJames Kenneth Inabangan42012-05-04[24]Teamlogo placeholder.png Inactive
Raniel Ogdol4/52013-05-29[23]link=  [[ ]]
SelRussel Sandiko5


32px scantAnthony HodgsonCoach


  • 当前赛季积分:100
  • 历史总奖金: 405,742.39
  • 最高奖金: 130,000
Esl one small.png ESL One Katowice 20189-122018-02-211:2 Team icon og.png 10,000
Esl one small.png ESL One Genting 20189-122018-01-251:2 Team icon natus vincere.png 4,000
 GESC: Indonesia Dota2 Minor - Southeast Asia Qualifier42018-01-181:2 Team icon fnatic.png
 StarLadder i-League Invitational #4: Southeast Asia Qualifier12018-01-122:0 Team icon tnc gaming.png
 Captains Draft 4.03-42018-01-050:2 Team icon team secret.png 37,500
 Perfect World Masters7-82017-11-260:1 Team icon complexity gaming.png 6,000
 PGL Open Bucharest12017-10-222:0 Team icon lgd gaming.png 130,000
 StarLadder i-League Invitational #322017-10-151:3 Team icon team liquid.png 60,000
 The Perfect World Masters Southeast Asia Qualifier12017-09-302:1 Team icon tnc gaming.png
Esl one small.png ESL One Hamburg 2017 Southeast Asia Qualifier5-82017-09-240:2 Team icon fnatic.png
 StarLadder i-League Invitational #3: Southeast Asia Qualifier12017-09-172:0 Team icon tnc gaming.png
 PGL Open Bucharest 2017 Southeast Asia Qualifier12017-09-122:0 Team icon execration.png
 2017DotA2国际邀请赛东南亚地区邀请赛52017-06-291:2 Team icon execration.png
 ZOTAC Cup Masters SEA Qualifier #222017-05-151:2 Team icon warriorsgaming.unity.png
Epicenter small.png EPICENTER 2017 SEA Qualifier32017-05-140:2 Team icon team faceless.png
 ZOTAC Cup Masters SEA Qualifier #13-42017-04-231:2 Team icon clutch gamers.png
 The Manila Masters SEA Qualifier22017-04-141:2 Team icon team faceless.png
Bts logo small.png DOTA Summit 7 - SEA Qualifier5-62017-04-100:2 Team icon warriorsgaming.unity.png
 The Kiev Major 2017 Southeast Asia Qualifier32017-03-131:2 Team icon tnc gaming.png
 Mr. Cat Invitational Season 25-62017-03-031:2 Team icon warriorsgaming.unity.png 0
 Dota 2 Asia Championships 2017 SEA Qualifier42017-02-091:2 Team icon tnc gaming.png
 ProDota Cup Southeast Asia #412017-01-253:0 Team icon clutch gamers.png 3,500
 Mineski Pro-Gaming League Season 8 Championship12016-11-272:0 Team icon acion arena.png 2,808.69
Esl one small.png ESL One Genting 2017 Southeast Asian Qualifier22016-11-210:3 Team icon execration.png
 ROG MASTERS3-42016-11-121:2 Team icon team secret.png 15,000
Dotapit logo small.png Dota Pit League Season 5 SEA Qualifier32016-11-061:2 Team icon mvp phoenix.png
 SEA Kappa Invitational Season 311-182016-11-051:2 Teamlogo placeholder.png 0
 The Boston Major 2016 Southeast Asia Qualifier32016-10-300:2 Team icon warriorsgaming.unity.png
 The Summit 6 - SEA Qualifiers5-62016-10-141:2 Team icon execration.png
 ROG MASTERS South East Asian Qualifier12016-09-251:0 Team icon rex regum.png
 MPGL Southeast Asian Championship32016-09-111:2 Team icon mvp phoenix.png 3,000
 Mineski Pro-Gaming League Season 8 Leg 222016-08-192:3 Team icon execration.png 1,000
 Mr. Cat Invitational12016-07-292:0 Team icon signature.trust.png 5,000
 Mineski Pro-Gaming League Season 8 Leg 112016-07-163:1 Team icon skyville.png 1,068
 Nanyang Dota 2 Championships Season 2: SEA Qualifier3-42016-06-160:2 Team icon warriorsgaming.unity.png
 SEA Kappa Invitational Season 214-172016-06-150:1 Team icon power gaming.png 0
Majorslogo small.png The Manila Major 201613-162016-06-070:1 Team icon alliance.png 30,000
 StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 2 SEA Qualifier22016-05-250:2 Team icon fnatic.png
 The Summit 5 - SEA Qualifiers6-72016-05-140:2 Team icon execration.png
 The Manila Major 2016 Southeast Asia Qualifier12016-05-063:0 Team icon tnc gaming.png
World Cyber Arena logo small.png WCA2016 SEA Qualifiers5-82016-04-291:2 Team icon signature.trust.png 1,527.7
Esl one small.png ESL One Manila 20167-82016-04-231:2 Team icon complexity gaming.png 12,500
 ESL One Frankfurt 2016 Southeast Asian Qualifier5-82016-04-091:2 Team icon acion arena.png
 BTS Southeast Asia #49-162016-04-041:2 Team icon mongolz.png 0
 EPICENTER: Southeast Asian Qualifier42016-03-261:2 Team icon tnc gaming.png
 SEA Kappa Invitational Season 113-162016-03-170:1 Team icon warriorsgaming.unity.png 0
 BTS Southeast Asia #33-42016-02-190:2 Team icon tnc gaming.png 1,000
 BenQ ZOWIE All-Star Showmatchw2016-02-182:0 Team icon tnc gaming.png 1,114
 MarsTV Dota 2 League 2015 Winter - SEA Qualifiers12015-12-233:1 Team icon team redemption.png
Bts logo small.png The Summit 47-82015-12-111:2 Team icon ehome.png 2,872
Majorslogo small.png The Frankfurt Major 20159-122015-11-180:2 Team icon og.png 45,000
 SEA Dragon Battle Season 332015-11-060:2 Team icon signature.trust.png 0
 The Summit 4 - SEA Qualifiers12015-11-033:2 Team icon fnatic.png
 The Frankfurt Major 2015 Southeast Asia Qualifier12015-10-132:1 Team icon fnatic.png
World Cyber Arena logo small.png World Cyber Arena 2015 - SEA Pro Qualifiers5-82015-10-081:2 Team icon mvp phoenix.png 3,152
 Nanyang Dota 2 Championships: SEA Qualifiers12015-10-083:0 Team icon signature.trust.png
 BTS Southeast Asia #15-82015-09-061:2 Team icon tnc gaming.png 0
 ESL One New York - Southeast Asian Qualifier3-42015-09-050:2 Team icon fnatic.png
 Corsair Gaming Arena #69-162015-08-260:1 Teamlogo placeholder.png 0
 Asia Arena Cup12015-08-183:0 Team icon team 123.png 2,500
 NXTGAME Dota 2 Invitational12015-08-153:1 Team icon msi-evogt.png 1,500
 SEA Dragon Battle Season 242015-07-171:2 Team icon signature.trust.png 0
 Corsair Gaming Arena #39-162015-05-220:1 Teamlogo placeholder.png 0
 Mineski Pro-Gaming League Season 732015-05-100:1 Team icon energy pacemaker.png 7,000
 InsideDOTA Challenge42015-05-030:1 Teamlogo placeholder.png 0
 ESL One Frankfurt - Southeast Asian Qualifier22015-04-210:2 Team icon team malaysia.png
 StarLadder StarSeries Season 12: South East Asia42015-03-310:2 Team icon team malaysia.png
 Corsair Gaming Arena #19-162015-03-290:1 Teamlogo placeholder.png 0
 GEST SEA Cup5-82015-03-281:2 Teamlogo placeholder.png 0
 The Summit 3 - SEA Qualifiers42015-03-121:2 Team icon mvp hot6ix.png
 OK.- Dota 2 Cup42014-12-281:2 Teamlogo placeholder.png 0
 MSI Beat IT 2014 SEA Qualifiers42014-09-230:2 Teamlogo placeholder.png
 BountyHunter Asia Special5-62014-06-220:1 Team icon mith.trust.png 0
 GEST The Challenge June9-162014-06-160:2 Team icon vici gaming.png 0
 The International 2014:
SEA Qualifiers
42014-05-181:2 Team icon mith.trust.png
 The Inaugural9-122014-04-131:2 Team icon mvp phoenix.png 0
 Asian Cyber Games 201322013-12-291:2 Team icon titan.png 9,000
 RGN League 2013/201422013-12-082:3 Teamlogo placeholder.png 2,400
 GEST Challenge Season 1 September3-42013-09-230:2 Team icon lgd gaming.png 0
 GEST Season 1 August12013-09-083:0 Team icon msi-evogt.png 1,000
 GEST Season 1 July12013-07-283:1 Team icon mith.trust.png 1,000
 AMD Premier League Season 25-82013-07-231:2 Team icon orange.png 0
 GEST Challenge Season 1 July3-42013-07-211:2 Team icon vici gaming.png 0
 joinDOTA Masters IX3-42012-06-230:1 Team icon absolute legends.png 0
 The International 2012: East Qualifiers7-82012-06-081:2 Teamlogo placeholder.png
 joinDOTA Masters IV5-82012-03-290:1 Team icon msi-evogt.png 0
 Razer Dota 2 Tournament12012-03-111:0 Team icon orange.png 2,500
 Malaysia Invitational32011-12-180:1 Team icon mith.trust.png 2,000
TheInternationalSmall.png The International 20119-122011-08-190:1 Team icon moscow five.png 0

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